• One-stop CDMO

    service for cell and gene therapy

  • Digital management of the whole vehicle room

    the world's leading production line configuration

  • economically and efficiently

    To help customers complete cell and gene therapy drug development and application quickly

  • Let the development of biotechnologybenefit the public

    and make life better

About us

Focus on cell and gene therapy CDMO services

Shandong Lishan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has the Shandong Immune Cell and Gene Therapy CDMO Pilot Base (hereinafter referred to as the "CGT CDMO Base"), undertaking the mission of transformation of cell and gene therapy scientific and technological achievements and major technological breakthroughs. Lishan Biotech focuses on the fields of immune cell therapy, gene therapy, stem cells and regenerative medicine, so that the development of biotechnology can benefit the public and make life better.

  • 6500
    GMP workshop
  • 2lines
    virus production
  • 6lines
    cell production


Intro:The Lishan Biotech Plasmid Production Platform adopts the QbD concept design, with an overall cleanliness standard of C+A. To meet the rapid development needs of cell gene therapy, it is equipped with world-class production lines and scalable GMP production processes. It can provide customers with one-stop GMP plasmid CDMO services from drug discovery to IIT, from IND to NDA, and then to commercial production.
Intro:Lishan Biotech GMP Virus Vector Preparation Center includes several independent GMP virus production lines. The center is equipped with the industry's mainstream large-scale production line of virus vectors, which can provide one-stop CDMO services for GMP Lentivirus and GMP AAV. The center has two filling solutions, B+A and C+A (isolators), to meet diverse process requirements.
Intro:The Lishan Biotech Cell Therapy Product Preparation Center covers two cleanliness levels: B+A and C+A (isolators), which can meet the mainstream production solutions for cell therapy products; Equipped with two independent B+A grade virus positive cell production lines, it has the ability to process various clinical samples. We can provide IIT research, IND application, clinical trials, and commercial production CDMO services.



Address:No. 4577 Jingshi Road, Lixia District, Jinan City, Shandong Province

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